Is Your Camera Likely to Be a Fairly Long Term Investment

The president of a major power tool company once remarked, "Most of our customers don't come to us because they want a one-half horsepower 3/8-inch reversible drill. They want holes." Similarly, many digital camera buyers aren't looking for a shiny new gadget: They want pictures. Once they acquire a camera that does the job for them, they're not likely to upgrade until they develop an important job their current model can't handle.

In the opposite camp are photo fanatics who always must have the very latest model with the very latest features. They are the equivalent of the car buyers of 20 or 30 years ago who used to trade in their automobile for a new model every year. I loved these folks when I managed the camera store, because we made a little profit on their new camera, then turned around and sold their trade-in for a bit more than we allowed, too.

Such well-heeled photographers are not often disappointed by the constant parade of new hardware in the digital photography realm. New, less expen-


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