Is There Film in Your Camera

Of course, your digital camera doesn't have film, exactly; the removable media in your camera is your "film." So a better title of this section might be "Does your camera have a memory card installed?" If you own several media cards, make it a habit to open the media card compartment of your camera, like the one shown in Figure 3-2, and pull out the card to check the size of card that is installed.

If you do have a memory card in your camera, the next question is, Are there any more exposures left on your memory card? In most cases, this means that you must turn on the camera and look at the image counter displayed on the LCD screen to see how many images remain.

I can't overemphasize the importance of this question. Here's a case in point: A few years ago I was in Los Angeles to teach at a Photoshop conference. It was early on a Saturday morning and I left my hotel a little early so I could take some shots as I walked to the conference center. I checked my camera and saw that I had forgotten to download the images I had taken the previous evening, so only a few more shots would fit on the card. It was only two blocks to the conference center, where I had all of my extra memory cards—no sweat, I thought. How much can happen in two blocks?

Within a block, I saw that a production crew had set up to shoot a scene for the movie Rush Hour 2. I had just taken the photo shown in Figure 3-3 when the stars appeared briefly in front of their chairs. I squeezed the shutter and nothing happened. I looked at the indicator on the camera to see the word FULL flashing on and off. I quickly reviewed the existing photos on the card, deleted two of them, and looked up, but the actors were gone. Lesson learned.

Figure 3-3 A missed opportunity, all because of a full memory card

Figure 3-4 These icons indicate various stages of battery charge.

100% charged Partially discharged

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