How to Manage a Home Inventory

One of the problems with owning a lot of stuff is that the task of making an inventory can seem overwhelming. Here are some suggestions for how to approach this task:

■ Take it one room at a time. "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time." Keep this in mind as you take inventory of an entire home. Doing the entire house can seem overwhelming, but you can shoot stuff in a single room in a reasonably short time.

■ Create a list. Begin your inventory by creating a written list of the valuables located in the designated room. Move from one wall to another in an organized pattern, making note of anything that would have to be replaced if it were lost or stolen.

■ Photograph the items on the list. As you photograph each item, check it off the list.

■ Repeat this pattern in the other rooms of your house, photographing each wall individually, and finishing with the center of the room. Remember that as you store completed rolls to label your film canisters with their respective room assignments.

Adding Audio Notes to Supplement Your Inventory

If your camera supports audio notes (many cameras now offer this feature), use it to add details of when each item was purchased and for what price. When you're finished with your home's interior, photograph the exterior, an exercise that verifies the general condition in which you've maintained your property.

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