Getting More than a Single View

When I was in Los Angles a few years ago, a number of angels appeared throughout the downtown area. Not real ones—actually, each angel was sponsored and painted by the sponsoring organization, with all of the proceeds of sale of the angels going to charity. Photographing the angels was a challenge, since they often had wonderful decorative work on both sides. I finally decided to take a documentary approach and photograph each angel front and back, as shown in Figure 10-21.

Figure 10-21 It is often necessary to take multiple photographs of a subject to capture its essence.

(In case you are wondering why I didn't wait for the bus to leave before taking the rear photo It seems when Los Angeles bus drivers take lunch, they park their buses at this bus stop.) Some angels had such great detailed work that I had to take four or more photographs of each one to capture the breadth of all the art they contained.

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