Value For Money

This year's stable of price increases continues to confuse any comparison on value for money between new and older models. While the manufacturers' recommended retail prices have all risen, in most cases the prices on the high street have not. This means a greater gap between RRPs and street prices, and therefore an anomaly in the price of a new camera as, at least initially, it will sell for close to the retail price. For this reason the new EOS 500D seems expensive against current street prices - you can buy the EOS 50D cheaper, or even the Nikon D90 if you want the movie option. But based on RRPs it sits neatly at £100 cheaper than the EOS 40D, and £200 dearer than the EOS 450D. During the next couple of months these street prices should start to even out but the real question comes from another new camera, offering a competitive specification. The new Nikon D5000 is set to be £150 cheaper and when we test it next month we'll see how the Canon 500D fares against it. WDC

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