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_ Rhonda ff Moodley

From: South Ayrshire Last year my husband bought me a Ricoh R8, which inspired me to take photos of the abundant wildlife in our garden, and the multitude of landscapes and its biodiversity.


Rhonda has chosen a particularly difficult subject here. With the sun shining straight into the lens and the forest interior in silhouette, the subject exposure range doesn't get much more extreme than this! There is nothing wrong with attempting to shoot such scenes by letting detail disappear in the highlights and shadows. However, I thought it might be useful to show an alternative approach. Unfortunately I can't demo the method using just this one exposure, so I have used a series of bracketed shots taken by my friend Jeff Schewe to show a high dynamic range (HDR) to low dynamic range approach which can be used to produce the finished photo shown right.

step one

Here we see a single exposure image shot in a Californian coastal redwood forest. Like Rhonda's photo, it's a contrasty photo without much detail in either the shadows or highlights.

example step two ยป

The main step was to use V y

of bracketed exposures shot of this scene that were shot over a four-stop exposure range into a single HDR image. I find that the Details compressor controls are really easy to work with when trying to find the ideal settings with which to generate a low dynamic range image output.


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