It boasts multi-pattern WB and 4fps shooting

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Scilly Infrared Photo

2009 International Garden Photographer of the year

Winner: Jonathan Bemnan

'This is an early-afternoon infrared view over Tresco Abbey Garden on the Isles of Scilly, with my daughter viewing the scene. I first visited Tresco and its gardens as a child, and I remembered it as a magical place. I wanted to capture my undiminished wonder at this special place, so I used my infrared converted D60 to create the fairytale atmosphere. I had photographed this scene before but on this occasion the cloud patterns and presence of the moon lifted it out of the ordinary.'

CANON EOS D60 (IR converted) /

£2200 RRP (IN 2002) IR CONVERSION: $325

* ' The EOS D60 was the predecessor of the latest 50D (by about five ^ » generations) and was launched back in 2002. It had a 6MP sensor, a jjjF^ 1.8in screen and three AF points. By today's standards it's fairly basic pi

1» but as you can see here, it can still deliver a great picture. /

M • Jonathan had his converted for infrared by For more on infrared see the feature on page 42.

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