t reclassified ^ [ 250AW

/jjuy \ Hardworking shoulder bags for V™* Photojoumallsts Designed to look like J every day bags and featuring Lowepros patented All Weather Coven. Available in Black or Sepia finish.

The 2S0AW also £440 99

takes a IS" laptop. t I

Classified 200 AW nira.n

Classified 160 AW - £99.99

IM^V Classified 140 AW £84.99

FastPack Daypacks f WHY 1 Great for a photographic I OIIVT I daytrip Colours: All Black. ' Black with red or blue trim.

FastPack 100 D-SLR. 2 lenses and accessor«.. L.^ £44.99

FastPack 200 (pictured) rex oo

Pro D-SLR, 2/3 lenses, nasi 8 accessories t}4.n

FastPack 250

Pro D-SUt's 3/4 lenses Rash, 15.4" laptop »accs £64.99

FastPack 350 Pro D-SWs, 4/5 lenses, flash, i T" laotop ft accs £74.99

Vertex Photo Backpacks

Comfortable ft protective. I00/200AW carry-on most airlines. Built-in All Weather cover.

/■ /A Vertex 100 AW i/2 ProD-SLR's 4/5lenses 14"

Vertex 200 AW

i| ' 1/2 Pro D-SLR's, 6/8 lenses,!?" Laptop, flash }dm * a accessories £<39.99


Walkabout Series

Designed for everyday adventures.


No One Carries It Off Better

" - a^T Dual Access Photo Backpack

r*Ml Innovative Sling Backpacks with vSLLr water resistant zips.

Holds Pro DSLR with Pro Zoom. 2 - 3 more lenses,


Flipside 400AW

Photo Backpack 4 - /

fWHY] Takes large Pro outfit With flip round access ft All Weather lBUY?J cover. Available in Black or Pine Green. £87"'®

Flipside 200 O UR. 3/4 lenses, flash and accessories £57.99

Flipside 300 Pro D-SLR. 4/5 lenses, flash and accessories.________£67.99

Nova AW Shoulder Bags fSSS\ Top seller redesigned for the WHY dlgiU| age Available in Black. U~ILI Burgundy Red, Brown ft Blue

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