Pentax X70

• 24x Optical Zoom

■ Triple Shake Reduction technology

• 24x Optical Zoom

■ Triple Shake Reduction technology

NEW & IN STOCKII Our Price £369.99 with FREE 4GB Memory Cardl

"sm' PENTAX K200D

14mm f/2 S OA EO IE SMC £519.00 ISmm f/4 ewk ED At ltd. New Sec Web 21mm f/3.2 OA ED IF SMC ltd £339.00 31mm f/1.8 FA SMC ltd Buck 31mm f/1.8 FA SMC Ud Sil« 35mm f/2 8 Macro limited 40mm f/2 8 OA SMC limited 43mm f/1 9 SMC FA ltd (Silver) £369.99 43mm f/1.9 SMC FA ltd (Black) £399.00 50mm 1/14 5MC FA £156.99

50mm f/2Ji MACRO DFA SMC £349.00 55mm f/14 SDM DA* 70mm f/2.4 SMC OA Umrted 77mm f 1.8 SMC FA unvted 100mmf2.8 DFA Macro 200mm Í/2J SMC OA* to IF 300mm f/4 SMC OA* EO IF SOM £849.00 10-17mm SMC f/3.5 4.5 DA £0 £339.00 12-24mm f/4 DA EDAl (IF) £529.99

17-70mm SMC DA f/4 AL IF SOM £330.00 lWSmffl f/4 [0 Al SMC £229.99 16-50mm f/2 8 ED Al IF DA* £479.99 18 55mm f/3.» 6 DA Al SMC £40.00

18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 DA Al II £65.00 18250mm f/3MJ OA EOAl £359.99 20.35mm f4 FA Al £499.99 50.135mm f/2.810 IF SOM DA* £529.00 50 200mm f/4 S 6 £99.99 ■■ 55-300mm f/4.0-58 £199.99 Pentax Flashfuns S Accessories 60-250mm f/4.0 EO (IF) SOM £999.99 200 FG Flash(un £87.99

AF 360 FGZ Flashgun. Case £189.99 AF 540 FG2 flashgun. Cas» £299.00

I TR Postrer Pack 3 fot AF-S40FG2 £145.99 AF 160TC Auto Macro Flash £549.99

* Oust reduction with Oust Alert

• Dust-proof, water-resistant construction

« 2 year warranty from Park Cameras



• 10.2 million pixels Dust Removal system 3.5 Frames per second T LCD Screen year warranty from | Cameras

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