Med a Storaec MM I30GBI E399.99 Med J stonce M8018068! £499.99

Epson P-6000

80GB Photo Viewer

Gi*a One Ultra (40GBI (99.99

Gigm Vu Pro tutrrmr (1J0GBI £485.00

JA Adobe

Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 0 (Windows) £69.99

Adobe Premier Elements 7.0 (Windows) £73.49

Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 0 (Mac) £69.99

Adobe Photoshop CS4 (Windows) £556.99

Adobe Lightroom 2.0 (Windows / Mac) £224.99

Lightroom 2.0 Upgrade (Windows / Mac) £91.99

Wacom Intuos 4 - Medium (AS Wide) £330.00 Waccm Intuos 4 - large (A4 wide) i430.00

Brand New and in stock at Park Cameras!

It's not just a camcorder. It's a DUAL Camera.

VPC-CG10Black £249.99 II S a UUHL

VPC-H01000 Silver (IS) £299.99

VPC-HD2000 Black £549.99 LaiTiera.

For full specifications, ' V

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NEW & IN STOCK! See website for our latest LOW Price. Xact|

Studio Flashes

Compact Studio Kit - HOWS

• 2a Flash Heads ¿x Quality Stands | Set o( Filters (Hed. reltow, Blue & Greeni

Studio 300 Lighting Kit

. • 2 x Studio JOOW Heads J d X • 2 * lighting Stands

• 1 x Softbag for Heads \ QnjQgg) • 1 * Softbag for Stands j

Three heads & stands are the foundation of these popular sets. Included are a Bowens Softbox with 2 Bowens Silver/White Umbrellas & a pair of wide-angle reflectors designed to give a great degree of creative flexibility

The perfect entry level two head kit for those new to photography, it provides all of the accessories you might need as you begin to learn the secrets & pleasures of studio flash, but is good enough to take your photography further


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