Panasonic 1x3 Key Specs




You could be forgiven for thinking that the rise and rise of the entry-level DSLR effectively meant the downfall of advanced compacts. After all, all reports we hear at the moment point to the fact that more people than ever are entering the market at the starter DSLR price point. However, in what may be as a consequence of buyers getting the bug for advanced photography but still wanting a compact companion, the advanced compact market is as prosperous as ever before. Now in its eighth incarnation, Canon's 'G' series was one of the forebears of offering DSLR-like functionality and specification in a more compact body, and the G10 has proved as popular as any before. Panasonic, meanwhile, is relatively new to the field, with the LX3 being the latest in a short line of the type. So, how exactly does the veteran fare against the new boy, and do either of the pair offer such a proposition that one can drop the DSLR altogether?

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