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The Creative Auto mode puts the control of depth of field and brightness into handy sliders

^^ Never underestimate a camera Z£d because of its size. The latest addition to Canon's line-up, the EOS 500D, has positioned the three-digit EOS range - originally introduced as a budget, entry-level option - as an advanced series, bringing with it some seriously impressive features. The camera spawns from the design of the previous 450D and, though it will currently sell alongside it, offers a definite upgrade on that model.

Its launch came at the same time as Nikon's D5000, a model that is likely to be its closest rival, based on features and street price. The abnormal situation of rising camera prices may have left a convenient gap in the market for this type of camera, and interest levels in both new launches have been high, but do they offer enough of a benefit to the photographer to justify their price? The next models up in the range are the two-digit EOS 40D and EOS 50D. The newer EOS 50D offers benefits over the 500D and has a £400 higher RRP, yet currently you can pick one up on the internet for just £830 - that's £40 less than the 500D. At the lower end are the still-current EOS 450D at £670 and the entry model EOS 1000D at £460, with further savings on both to be found online. So what does this new model, which has already gained so much attention, bring that is unique to the market?

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