97.7x 17Cg PROS Dynamic range. The Fuji FlOOfd's performance is good, and image 589x resolution, results, high ISO quality at the lower end of the ISO range is excellent

23.4mm CONS Pedestrian design, rWmPSXH.

lack of control UfnBlil

94 x 125g PROS Style, performance, 51x build quality. Mega CHS

22,111,1 CONS Price. high-ISO

image noise

99x 135g



1033 X ; 593 X 362mm

PRCS Weatherproof body, performance, sijte CONS Lack of options

PROS Good highlight detail, pnce, good Handling CONS Underexposure issues, flat atout (at default

The FX37 looks great, performs well and is bunt to last but image quality could be better

The mjutOtO offers a superior zoom range, handling and performance, with impressive image quality

A worthy upgrade, with very good image quality and more comfortable handling than the T25. The camera seems to underexpose often, though, and colours can appear a little drab

Stylish compact with 460,000dot, touchscreen LCO and 28mm wideangle lens. HD equipped the model can also record 30fps movies at 720p



Mx 57x



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