£210 13MP

103x 214g


Auto 35-105mm ftogram Yes 27 80- f/2.8-5.5 telual 3200 Auto

Easy llSrane

MP Auto 35-105mm Auto Ycs 25 80- f/2.8-4.9 ftmjam 1600 14 Scene

1CMP Auto 25-Mlmm kto No 80- 133-49 PB®am 6400* 25Sœne

1CMP Auto 37-26Ctmi Auto No 61- W5-53 >>uto 6400 22 Scene

1CMP Auto 27-486mm Auto Evl 2.7 100- V2.8-4.4 MSM 6400 17Sccne

14MP Auto 28-101mm Auto No 103- f/2.8-5.6 PiW 12800 HSœne

1CMP Auto 28-420mm Auto No

3200* Stxnts

"wiiKHi Macro nsduhn

12.1W Auto 33-lOOmm Auto Yes

3200 17Sœne

Auto 37-260mm Auto (to 64- 1/35-53 ftogiam 1600 15Scene

»D U 93x62x 152g 46 22imm

SO Mer 1019x : MMC NMH 63.5x 31.9mm



PROS Great LCD. accurate A gr eat model with a high-resolution LCD screen and exposures, good shadow accurate exposures. The zoom range is a bonus, datail but lack of manual controls or a Raw mode is a bit

COSS Highlights Mm easily. 0t3ietdown fringing, a little expensive

Waterproof, freezeproof, and with a new TAP menu system, the mju IOSOSW certainly impresses with its feature set

The PowerShotA2t00 packs a good zoom range into a stylish body, along with face and scene recognition technology and lens-based Image Stabilisation


CCD-shift image stabilisation, a wideangle lens, and even a 'Make up processing function make the2300 a functional and fun camera on paper

PROS Design, image quality, A pricey option, though good results and handling resolution make this a pleasing compact

CONSPnce, uninturtiw menu system

Available in four metallic colours, the 95 IS is a style-focused compact with lots of useful features including face detection and scene recognition

New T2 model, with much the same specifications as the 127 but with a smaller LCD screen and no HO movie recording

Although Quite expensive, the mju 1060 offers superior buHd Quality, stylish appearance and good

>D U 93.7x 128g PROS Build quality, image 56.4x quality, lens

251171111 CONS Menu system, tov-HgM performance, value

SD U 117.6x 417g PROS Raw capture, A bit plasticky, but Raw capture, fast focusing and

50 753 continuous AF, fast focusing an abundance of features make the FZ28 a good

88Smm CONS Build Quality, noise all-rounder and noise reduction, fringing

SD U 575x 155g PROS Build quality, style, Its huge resolution and high ISO add nothing to

42 93 x autofocus system picture quality-there are better cameras around

24mm CONS Price, dynamic range, at this price point

0 0

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