As for your other question, it appears you were misinformed that the camera is unable to display a view on its LCD from which you can compose your image. The EOS WOOD has live view, meaning you can view, compose and focus a scene on your LCD screen prior to taking a shot. This feature needs to be enabled in order for you to use it; your manual has a dedicated chapter on this feature. If you compose using the viewfinder, covering the viewfinder is advisable (after you have composed the scene), as light entering the viewfinder may reach the metering sensor and cause it to underexpose the image. You needn't do this when using live view, as metering is measured off the main sensor, and the light path to the metering sensor is obstructed.


particles of dust in the air. While this may be annoying, it's not a fault with the camera as such, and so a repair would be unnecessary. You can clean images affected by this using the Clone Stamp tool in Photoshop or Elements.

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