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EXPOSURE The camera has a tendency to slightly underexpose scenes with skies, though the

Shadow Adjustment feature does a good job to bring exposure and tone back up to a more pleasing level. Zuiko 12-60mm f/2.8-4.0, 1/200sec, f/8, ISO 200, Cloudy WB, Evaluative metering better LCD screen and the obvious advantage of being noticeably smaller and lighter. There's also a price gap of around £300 between the E-620 and the next model down, the E-520. In this instance, the premium covers a better AF system, Art Filters and the LCD screen, as well as a different viewfinder and resolution. WDC

but, curiously, faster than the E-30, where all three cameras activate their Dust Reduction systems. Powering down is comparable between all three.

Autofocusing shows a similar performance to the E-30, despite the E-620's system being stripped down by comparison. The central point shows itself to be just as sensitive, and with an SWD lens pleasingly prompt, too, though the E-620 shows slightly less hesitation as it has fewer points to consider. There is a noticeable slowdown when using non-SWD equipped lenses, which happens to be all bar three optics. Otherwise, focusing is a little slow but an improvement over previous models.

Though I can genuinely see the Art Filters as an enjoyable means for photographers to create their own filters and share them with other users (this isn't possible yet), it's their implementation that irks me. Some take a long time to apply, which rules out any kind of continuous shooting, for example, while the function takes images out of a chronological order should you have them in the same folder as non-filtered images. Unless you shoot Raw you also don't get an unadulterated file alongside, should you not like the effect, and there's no apparent way of editing or removing these effects in camera. This is particularly disconcerting as many other in-camera postprocessing options are available. The only reasons I can think of as to why Olympus only offers this as an option during capture is so that it can override the necessary parameters (such as metering), and, possibly, so that it encourages people to actively use them, rather than forget they're there.

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