OPPOSITE PAGE: Out Of The Strong Came Forth Sweetness

Taken at The Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Kent. The lion was looking up at an insect flying above him which created those big saucer eyes. There was a platform behind the lion which I cloned out to give better focus on the subject. 1/200 @ f/2.8, ISO 400

LEFT: Who You Lookin' At?

Taken at Sparkwell Zoo on Dartmoor. I was able to get up quite close to the inquisitive ostrich, but the moment passed very quickly as he realised I had no food. There was a messy area of black feathers on the main body so I cloned this out. 1 /IOOsec @ VS.6, ISO 200

BELOW: Peeking Over

Taken at Sparkwell Zoo on Dartmoor. I was in the open enclosure for ducks and birds etc. and the flamingo was stood in the centre. It was was very wary of my presence and watched my every move as I slowly came closer and circled to get the right angle. Its head was just peeking over its body swivelling around with one eye showing. In Photoshop I tweaked the exposure and threw the background to black, bringing out the vibrant colours of the feathers. 1/S00sec @ f/11, ISQ-400

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