103* 596x 32.8mm

PROS m-dot LCD, excellent tonal range and colours CONS Poorly placed mode dial, fairly notsy at 1600. lackofPASM

Avail/able in Black, Silver and'Champagne Rose' the CXI ai so features a novel Dynamic flange Double Shot mode that takes two pics consecutively to poduceasingle WR-type' image

While the omission of manual controls is regrettable, HD video, great-looking images and a lovely design all make the 990 IS a cracking compact

Featuring Smile Shutter and Face Detection technology, the JSOOalso boasts J20p HD video capture and touch-screen controls

Flagship TZ model, with AVCHD video recording. I2x optical zoom and a large 4SO,OOOdot LCD screen, it's an exdlent super zoom camera, producing very nice images indeed



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