PROS Huge zoom, tiny body, manual controls CONS Mushy images, very slow, too expensive

PROS Focal range, noise control, Raw capabilities CONS Fringing, price, fixed fens, inaccurate LCD screen

109.1 x 350g PROS Overall image Quality, 171% bright and detailed LCD, fast

45Smm CONS Bulky, poor control over fringing

115mm 453g PROS Innovative new

The X70 is impressive in how it manages to squeeze a 24x optical zoom into a body that's not much bigger than some compacts. However, it 's slow, expensive and image quality is distinctly average

The28-400mm focal range is a huge bonus and you get a lot feature-wise for the asking price. Control over fringing is poor, though, and an entry-level OSLR ultimately offers better value for money

The G10 impresses in its images, and has a super LCO screen to match. Without doubt one of the best compacts currently on the market x83mm x92mm

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