xû< LI 92x 134g PROSStylish, fastAF.

SO 55.7k greatLCD

52 2i*nm CONS Poor CA control, soft Images

SO U 97.0k 117g PROS Design, build quality

50 544 k image Quality, performance

21.7mm CONS Lack of wideangle

M LI 92.5k 163g PROS Body design. Mght

SO 592 k focusing, handling

25 22.9mm CONS Limited dynamic range, high ISO noise xD LI 95.4k ]3Cg 56.5k 24mm

As with its predecessor, the Z200fd is a great looking camera and fairly inexpensive too, but when it comes to image quality it just fa Us short

Great noise control and overall image quality make the FS7a fantastic suh'£200 compact

The fd has some useful features and great low-light focus, but the limited zoom range is a handicap



MS U 962x 117g 56.5 X 21.8mm xD LI 97.4 X 137g 56.6 X 25.5mm

SO LI 94.9 X 132g PROS Style, Mega OIS, build 50 57.1 x quality

22.9mm CO HS Price

Dual image stabilisation and face detection features on this 8MP compact with a 2. Jin LCD screen and 20 scene modes thrown in too

Easy to use Sony compact with an above-average focal range, face detection and Dual Image Stabilisation

Budget Olympus model wrth above-average focal ränge, face detection and Dual Image Stabilisation

Boasting a 30mm wideangle lens and Intelligent Auto Technology, the FS20 has excellent build quality and performs well in most situations including in low light

Im S560

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