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Here's Drew back in his studio with some of his favourite kit laid out in front of him. In the shot is (left to right):

■ hasselblad with phase one p45 back

• canon ioomm macro

• canon 24-i05mm f/4 •lenovo thinkpad w700 laptop with capture one and adobe photoshop cs3 software lenovo w700 laptop with capture one software, microsoft expression media and adobe cs3

lifr/iilil I've recently switched from using a MacBook to a Lenovo. Capture One is still the best RAW imaging software there is. That's not pure loyalty either - if there was a shoot-out between all the software out there, it would still win by a considerable margin. I catalogue all of my work using Microsoft Expression Media.

gitzo tripods

IAjHuI I have three Gitzo tripods: a giant, a medium, and a baby. On my main tethered rig I use a Manfrotto 131DDB crossbar attached to Gitzo GT5660SGT legs. I use Manfrotto 468MGRC2 ball heads to hold my camera and a Gitzo G065 laptop platform.

elinchrom rangers jit^Lil Elinchrom Style units are cheap for what they do and you can stand them in an inch of water, which you can't with other lights - they are very rugged and travel well. Chimera softboxes offer a beautiful quality of light and are bullet-proof.


I ¡401 I only really use UV filters and that's mostly to stop me from destroying my lenses.

san disk extreme iv media cards istn~y<llll SanDisk's UDMA cards are fantastic. I back my work up using RAID systems and also solid state drives in my laptop - the little flash SD cards made by Lexar. I also have backup software running when I shoot tethered.

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