what camera?

Phase One P25 what lens? 120mm what exposure? 1/[email protected]/8

And look at each character's line of sight. To make the image look convincing I had each model adopt a line of sight consistent with the other members of the scene. She's looking directly at the thief, while the passer-by is looking directly at her. Creating a believable image is all down to the smallest details like that. So yes, it is a form of directing. People might ask "ooh, what f-stop did you use?" and suchlike, but the truth is that it's all about the image and whether it is believable.'

The image we're both looking at certainly is believable, although it's clear that a fair degree of Photoshop time has been invested to make it so.

'I'm rubbish at Photoshop,' Drew admits with a casual shrug of the shoulders. 'Some of my images require a team effort, and in those cases I will hire in talent. I will always look at a job beforehand and, if needed, draft in the right people for that particular situation. It's all about building the right team around you.'

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