Learn about what's inside Drew's kit bag phase one p45 - for hasselblad HiiiM For my big set-ups I use Phase One. I was using a Canon 1 Ds Mark I at 11 MP and although the quality was good I wanted to take my work on to the next level and work in a more considered manner. I went to Hasselblad and got a Phase One P25 back. It cost me £20,000 of my own money and I could've bought a second-hand Porsche Boxster or a Phase One back. It's been the best move I've ever made and I've never looked back.

It's taken my work onto another level. It basically takes away the limitations from what is possible. You ^fl can do crazy things with it. ^H

canon 5d mark ii

This is what I tend to leave the house with most days -1 just love this camera. The high ISO capacity makes it ideal for low-light situations, and it also allows me to use super fast Canon lenses. I've stuck with Canon ever since the A1 that I bought with my paper-round money. From there I've owned a Canon AV1, an F1N, an EOS 1, EOS 1N, and a Kodak DCSS20 that was \ based on the Canon EOS 1D anyway. Then I went to the Canon 1 DS Mark I and had two of those, then a 5D. Now I've got a couple of Canon 5D Mark lis.

what camera?

Phase One P30 what lens? 35mm what exposure?

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