Helen Sharp Via Email

Ql use a Canon IXUS 75 and, very occasionally, my images seem to have white dots and marks. Has dust got into the camera? And if so, is it worth me getting it repaired?

□ Matt replies: Without looking at your images it's hard to be sure what the issue is. If, however, this only happens occasionally, and only when you use flash, it sounds like the common problem of your flash illuminating small

Matt replies: As a general rule, you should always give a battery a full charge before you first use it, as it prolongs its life span. The manual is right to suggest that you should store a battery separately from the camera if not using it for a while, the reason being that the battery will release a small charge if kept inside it, which will shorten its life. Of course, if you want to take a spare battery with you while you're out shooting then there is no reason why you shouldn't, so long as you didn't last charge it a few years ago and expect it to perform to its fullest. Essentially, if you have a spare battery which you know you won't be using any time soon, then you should use up its remaining power and store it away, preferably in its plastic tray in a dry, temperate condition.

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