The E-620 is the 12th DSLR in Olympus's Four Thirds family, targeted at enthusiasts and advanced entry-level users. Influenced by the E-30, it builds on the E-420 and E-520 before it, although the company has stressed that it isn't a replacement for either model.

The sensor is a 12.3MP LiveMOS device, which in all probability is the same as, or at least similar to, the one in the E-30. Measuring 17.3x13mm, images are output in the 4:3 format as standard, in a choice of Raw and olympus e-30

Bid The new model up in the Olympus line, featuring an 11-point AF system and a larger viewfinder. canon 500d ren No flip-out LCD screen, but full HD video recording and a 15MP

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