.999.99 Lens Sold Separately



21 Megapixels Full Trame CMOS Sensor felSO 100 to 1600 119 cross type AF points

>99.99 Lens Sold Separately

>99.99 Lens Sold Separately

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14mm 1/2.81 II USM 15mm f/2 8 Fislteye 20mm 1/2 J USM 24mm f/1.4L Mk II USM 24mm f/2.8 28mm 1/1.8 USM 28mm f/2.8 35mm f/1.4L USM 35mm f/2,0 SOmm f/1.2 I USM 50mm f/1.4 USM 50mm 1/18II 50mm f/2 5 Macro EF-S 60mm f/2 8 Macro MP-E 65mm f/2.8 SSmm f/Ul II USM 85mm f/1 8 USM

100mm f/2 USM 10Cramf/2 8USMM.>cro 135mm f/2.0L USM

mm f/2.8 Soft Focus 80mm f/3.51 USM Macro 200mm f/2 0L IS USM 200mm f/2 SL USM/2

£1.149.99 CS.S43.99 £7,399.99 £9,999.99 See Web £»99.99 £2.299.99 £1.129 99 £1.129.99

300mm f/2.81 USM IS £3.899 99 300mm f/4 « USM IS £1.199 99 400mm f/2.81 USM IS £6.499.99 400mm f/4.0 DO L USM IS £5.499.99 400mm I/5.6L USM 500mm f/4.01 USM IS 600mm f/4.OL IJSM IS 800mm Í/5.6L IS USM tS£ 17mm I/4.0L NEW TS£ 24mm I/3.5L (1) rs£ 24mm V3.5L II tSt 45mm 1/2.8 TSE 90mm f/2.8 EF-S 10-22mmf/33-4.5 USM £649.99 16.35mm f/2 81II USM £1,199 99 i7j6'mmf/4ÄUSM £649.99

EF.S17-55mmf/>*ISUSM £799.99 EF-S 17-85mm 1/4.0-5 «'is USM £419.99 EF-S 17-85mm {Unbaxedl 009 99 EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-S.6(UntKuM. f65.00 EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.615 £130 EF-S 18-55mm (Unboxed) £89. EF S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS £469.99 24.70mm f/2.8L USM £1.039.99

Canon Professional Demonstration Day! - 14th May 2009 Please visit us on the day where a technical advisor from Canon will be on hand to answer any questions and to demonstrate the latest in Canon professional digital products & solutions - FREE SEMINARS ON THE DAY1

24 105mm (Unboxed) £799 99

28 200mm f/3.5 5.6 USM £309.99 28 300mm f3 5-5 61 IS USM £2,199.00 55-200mm f/4.5-5.6 II USM (4| £239.99 ÍF-S 55250mm f/4-5 6 IS £229.99 70 200mm Í/2.8L IS USM £1,499.99 70 200mm f/2.81 USM £1,049.99 70.200mm f/4.0L IS USM £979.99 70*200mm f/4.Ol USM £549.99

70-300mm f/4.0-5 6 IS USM £419.99 70-300mm t,4.5-5 6 00 IS USM £1,149.99 75-300mm 1/4,0-5.6 mk III £149.99 7S-300mm 1/4.0-5.6 USM III £249.99 100-300mm f/4.5-5.6 USM (1) £253.00 100-400mm 1/4.5 5.61 USM IS £1.299.99 1.4» II extender £289.99

/\i ic PI )PN l^l°ney saving bundles available by visiting Sflvt. E.V www.ParkCameras.com/wdc, or by calling MORE... our experienced team on 08450 580 480

Cation Accessories

Djttorv Grips

BG-E6150 Mk III {229.99

Wifeless rile transmitters

WF1-E2 IE0S 10 Uli C749.99

WFT-E4 IE05 50 VE I» £749.99 Batteries

HB 7LH IG7, EOS 3500,400OI (B OO

NB 3L (IXUS i IXUS II! £47.00 NB 4L (IXUS 70. 75J0U| NB 5L (IXUS 80015/850 IS) HB 61 (for Osfltal IXUS >5 IS) NB 7L (for Powefsnot G10) BP 511« (G6.30DiOD.SOC.5Di LP E4 (lu, EOS 1D/ 101 Mjrk In) £97-99


Speedlite 220EX Speedlite 270EX NCW Speedlite 430EX n Speedlite 580EX II Marrollte MR 141Ï MT-74EX Macro TwioFlssh Speedlite Transmitter 5T.U Remotes

RC-1 lEOi 300D. 4000.4SOOI &1.99 RC-S (EOS 3500,4000,4S0O) £19.99 RS-60C3 (EOS 3S00,400D. 450D) £24.99 RS-B0N3I4OD, SO. ID III IDs III) £44.99 TCSON3 (50D, 50. ID »1 IDs III) £129.99 RC-S WirT'esi Controller Set £319.99

Watrrproof Housings WP DC24 (IXUS 90 IS) £180 00

\HtLKlf (PowerShot G10) £110.00 WP OC29 (IXUS 95 IS) £215.00

WPDC32L XUi 110ISI £715.00

WP vi (LeffM H170 Cjmcorder)See Weo


EH-191...0 H .'dC*eL-50D) £43.99 SCOCOSk T, . Jonal cts. (GUI £6000 DCC-20 leather Case (Ali*l/S50) £3.00 DCC-60 leather Case (IXUS w) £19.99 OCC-61 lidher Case 11x1,5*5 IS) £9 99 DCC-70 liathet Case IIXli'800; £23.00 DCC-7s4»1he< Case ¡1X05 >70! £23.00 OCOai>5tlfl Case (A530A540I 173.00 OCC-85 Soll Case (41O00 IS) 114.99 OCC 90 Soll Case (S7 $ S3 IS) £23.00 VA640R5) £5.00 DCC-4S0 SoflC*i*LW;0) £23.00 KC600 5oftCasiTG7/G9) £73.00 OCC 700 Soft Use (465015) £73.00 OCC 650 Soll Case (G10) £73.00

DCC 750 Soft Case (5X110 IS) £14.99 DCC 800 Soft Case 15X10 IS) £27.00

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Canon Camcorders you can Canon

Mini DV Camcorders

DVD Camcorders DC410NCW 1119 99

DC411 NEW See Web

DC420 NEW £339.99

Flash Memory Camcorders

FS100 FSii leerla FS200 NEW leería FS20 NEW leria FS21 NEW legria FS2? NEW

£239.99 £299.99 £299.99 £349.99 £459.99 £549.99

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Canon dw-ioo

Our Price £669.00

Canon HG20 Kit

Store over 22 hoots erf great looking 1920x1080 Full HD movies on the camcorder's 60GB HDD Easily connect to an HD TV, upload ;c to the web, or burn movies to DVD or BUt-ray disc.

ur Price £669.00

High Definition Camcorders

HV40 NEW See Web

leg™ HF S100 NEW f 1.099 99 legr a MF S10 NEW £1,299.99 legna HF ?0 NEW £979 99 Legria HF 200 NEW See Web

Canon dw-ioo the OW 100 makes it easy to create DVDs lust connect a ipatibtc Canon camcorder, select your lootage. then bum - in or Standard Dehn,non

Our Price £669.00

the OW 100 makes it easy to create DVDs lust connect a ipatibtc Canon camcorder, select your lootage. then bum - in or Standard Dehn,non visit us online at www.pa Tef: 08450 580 480


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