Drew Gardner Interview

complex lighting set-ups he sometimes employs, something he now lectures on worldwide. He's also just launched a DVD in which he explains the lighting procedures and composite trickery behind a couple of his recent fashion shoots, one of which involves a partially buried model and what appears at first to be a set of badgers, but is in fact one well-trained individual stage badger.

Looking at images like these, and indeed watching him orchestrate events on the DVD, we're tempted into asking Drew if he sees himself as a kind of director when creating these types of images? The question prompts a sharp intake of breath and for a brief second we fear that the question might have offended him. Nothing of the sort, it's a tag he actually rather likes.

'All my stuff is very directed,' he says before getting up and walking over to his computer on the far side of the room, where he opens up an image Channel 4 commissioned for its recent Would You Save A Stranger? documentary (see left). The scene recreates a bag-snatch situation in an urban setting. Or so it seems.

'All of this image,' Drew explains, 'was shot inside this room. The guy who is running away and the guy running after him, they are both running, like really running - from that corner of the room over towards my kitchen on this side! Look at his socks: you see how his trousers have rolled up, exposing them, due to him running?

This image is based on the Greek myth of Europa where Zeus turns himself into a bull to seduce her. I mixed battery flash with available natural light.

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