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VacT 1 wou,d ,'ke to tal<e out 3 subscription I Cbi to What Digital Camera and receive my FREE Jimmy Bo Crumpler Bag worth £49.99

□ 2 years subscription - pay only £103.74 - paying by Cheque/Credit Card

□ I year subscription - pay only £51.85 - paying by Cheque/Credit Card

Complete and return this coupon with your payment details to: What Digital Camera Subscriptions, FREEPOST CYI06I, Hay wards Heath, West Sussex, RHI6 3BR. (No stamp needed). Your Details:

Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms: Forename: Surname:



Wodc you Ike to rocc'rti messages to /our mobie from IPC arte What Di^fur Camera contaring new. special offers, produr. and service information and tal e part in ou research if yes, please «KJude yar moWe phone number here


If you would Itc to rcceMt emals from What Dgtal Camera and PC contalrihg news, special offer; and product and service information and tale part in our magazine research via emal please ndude your errjl below.


Choose from 3 easy ways to pay

1. Pay only £51.85 every 12 months by Direct Debit. Simply complete your bank details in the space below 2.1 enclose a cheque/postal order made payable to IPC Media Ltd., for the amount of £ 3. Please debit my:

C Visa n MasterCard □ Amex □ Maestro (Maestro only)

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• FREE delivery direct to your door

• BENEFIT from the UK's most comprehensive Buyer's Guide

• Complete subscription package worth over £100

This offer is orty avelable for UK subscrfceft. Please dbw up to six weeks lor defr.-ety of yoy first subscription issue. The free gift is and aibject to availofctfty end wi te delivered separate)/ wthn 58 days after your first payment is receded h the event that you cancel your subscription wfchn Q rrcn-.hs,,we wil refund you ths vaJua of the undelivered pcrtbn o's-corsubscriptcn by. IPC reserve trie right, in our«6so»jte discretion, to decuct the vdue cr'ycur free 9ft from airy amount refunded Free gftnot available toc.-crscassubsafccrsTheofferctoses 2tet July 2009. Subscript prices ktde postage aid packaging If What O^rtd Camera changes frequency per emum, we rencur the number of issues paid for, not the te»m of the subscription. For encurtes pfease call 1(0)845 03 l22l.fax+W{0)8456759CforemabipcsubS'Wc|jadrantsubs.ccm IPC who pettish What Digcai Camera q •/,-oJc ike to seno messages to yemrrrofcie wen offers from careful seiectec crgertsaDons and brands, promoting and research hg their products services. If you wait to recede messages pteasc tick heceO What Digcal Camera anc IPC would ^e to contact yew by post or tetepnene to promote and ask your opinion on ow magazines o'<l services Ptease ticV here f you prefer not lo heir from usO. IPC may occasions*/ pass you-detais tocareluly selected crca-eatcnsso they cancorKactyoj by telephone or post with regarcs to prcmothganc researching their proOjctsartd setvices. if you prefer not to be contacted, pteasc tide here □. PC would ike toemaiycu with ofecs frcm carc'ut/selected crgen isatans and traxti, promotincj and researching Iter products and services. If you wan: to rece>/e these messages ptease here n.

Code: I0G

Subscribe NOW! ® 0845 123 1231

Please quote code IE3 Lines open 7 days a week 8am-9pm. Please have your payment details ready when you call


Please note: Offers online may vary

Camera and accessories not included (UK only)

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