Dell Inspiron Mini


A version of the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 is available with an integrated wireless broadband modem for a £21/month contract from Vodafone. The Mini 9 has a very clear dark gloss finish screen, and there is respectable battery life from the all solid-state configuration. The Dell Inspiron Mini 9 is cheap, but with only 4GB of local storage and Linux-based Ubuntu OS as standard, this may not be the ideal photographers' Netbook. However, outside of the contract configuration and, for some extra cash, there are customisable options that come with larger 16GB SSD storage and Windows XP.


As with all Compaq-branded HPs, the HP Compaq 2140 Mini Note is a product aimed at more-demanding and business users. The original choice of the VIA C7 processor with earlier models has been superseded by the favoured Intel Atom. The rather small three-cell battery is also not great. Screen resolution is not generous, and neither is the 60GB hard drive, but overall, with a spare battery, this could be a photographer's choice. Other model configurations may be worth considering too.

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