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When you've spent a small fortune on a camera, lenses and other kit, you want to keep your investment protected. A decent camera bag is essential not just to carry your gear but also to save it from bad weather, knocks and bumps and pilfering fingers.

From the funky urban style of Crumpler bags to the classic khaki canvas Billingham, there's a style of bag to suit everybody.

shoulder bags

Useful for easy access while on the move, with external pockets for cards, filters, etc. Look for wide and padded straps, which are comfortable if carrying for extended periods.


Backpacks offer better support for your spine, especially if you have a lot of gear to carry. Some have space for laptops and straps for tripods, but they're not as good for rapid access to gear.

sling bags

A hybrid shoulder/ back pack offering an easy swing to the side for access. Lowepro's Slingshot range is perhaps the most popular, though there are other brands.

rolling cases

Cases with wheels and handles for carrying heavy equipment. Smaller versions also double as a backpack or briefcase, and are ideal for holding a lot of gear when travelling.

hard cases

Aluminium cases are ideal for airline travel or long-term storage/ protection, and come in a range of sizes from attaché case to large trunk-types.

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