Both The Lx3 And Gio Offer Impressive Specifications Which Dwarf Most Compact Cameras

attractive manual dials for control of both ISO setting and exposure compensation.

While the LX3 offers controls over ISO and exposure compensation in the conventional manner, it too sports its own manual controls - the camera houses a switch for both focus, on the side, and aspect ratio, on the top. While these represent by no means a wholesale manual control set-up, it's a nice gesture that makes the pair refreshing to use and a nice break from the continuous wave of compact cameras difficult to distinguish one from another.

The LX3 and G10 are incredibly similar in their retro styling, but with regards to size and weight the pair are very different. The size and weight of the LX3 varies only slightly from a conventional compact, with the only real difference being a noticeably protruding lens. The G10, on the other hand, is generally larger and heavier than most ยป

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