pher. With o ¡ the features of MTL series tripods but.

manufactured using smoller diameter tubing and a com pod twst co lor leg lock system, despite only weighing in at 1 Kg, this tripod will offer you the sto&lity you need without i taking up too much spoco in your luggoge.

MT8246B SAVE £111 £174.95

Giottos MH7002-652 Ball Head

31 Great for photographers who require fast ond easy comero positioning. AI three oxes ore controi'ed by re'eosing one single locking "ever, ia evel your camera in one movement.

MH7002-65? boll head

Giottos MH5001 3 Way Head

Ideal when precise comero positioning is cruciol, ^ ^►eoch axis of movement is contro ed by its own locking hond e, meaning that one oxis con adjusted without upsetting the other two.

MH5001 3 woy head_£42.99

Giottos Tripod Bags

These durabe tripod bogs hove been »signed to carry the MT and MTL series tripods with head attached. Manufactured from hard wearing Folyomido Nyon.

Ml 251 for MT8246/9241B Only £ 19.57 AA1252 for MTL9251 /9351B Only £19.57 AA1253 for MTL3271B Only £19.57

wepro Mini Trekker AW Green

This ightwc.ghl, compact backpock hold» a


||HV Theros a quick-reTeose integrated tripod ho der, attachment loops for SlipLock acccs-sorios, compression straps ond o large front pockot with a weather flap & quick occess front pocket.

Mini trekker AW Forest Green £49.99

surprising amount of gear in a small space. ' :k-reTeaso in

Lewepro Nova 200 AW Dark Red

Sized to carry the most popular digital SIR cameras; lenses; memory cords '.and occessories. A prodicol chcxce for ^'the enthusiast or pro this bog lets you "organize, proted A use your gear easi y.

Lowepro Slingshot 200 AW

Uses a unique sling design to go from corry mode to ready mode in |ust seconds. Carried comfortably on the back, it easily rotates to the front. Holds on SLR with standard loom attached plus other lenses etc.

Slingshot 200 AW £54.97

Lowepro Stealth Reporter Series

Creoted for photojournalists ond news photographers, the Lowepro Stealth Series is designed to withsiond the elements while providing quick access to enses and digital occessories. i Designed to be Tight weight, it's still heavy on features ond durability.

Lowopro Mini Mag AW

A compad professional bog just right for most basic system. An OverLap Zipper, A Weathor Cover ond high donsity closer1 cell foam provide serious protection.

MRC UV Slimline Filters

Lowopro Vertex AW Series

Rugged, construdion with water resistant lippers and a seam sealed AW cover protects! gear while providing photographers with a Boa that conforms to a voriety of body types with on adjustable ho mess system.

Vertex 100AW SAVE £42! £79.97 Vertex 200AW SAVE £41! £119.97 Vertex 300AW SAVE £54! £139.97

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