Do digital cameras have to be serviced

Digital cameras do not require any special servicing. You should, of course, take care of your digital camera just as you would a film camera or any other electronic instrument. Protect it from falls, bumps or water and replace the lens cap or barrier when not shooting. Removing the batteries from the camera when not in use for a long period of time is also recommended, as is storing your camera in a dry environment. The handbook supplied with your camera will give you many helpful tips on how to care for it.

To ensure you can always take pictures quickly, it is recommended that you check the batteries regularly (e.g. once a month). This can easily be done with the help of the battery gauge, a standard component in every good digital camera.

If your digital camera has a date and time indicator, you need not worry about losing this information after changing the battery. Most digital cameras contain an energy buffer that safeguards against memory deletion. If the camera contains a backup battery, to protect against unpleasant surprises this should be replaced periodically according to the manufacturer's instructions. (Note: this should be done after replacing the main battery.)

Digital Cameras For Beginners

Digital Cameras For Beginners

Although we usually tend to think of the digital camera as the best thing since sliced bread, there are both pros and cons with its use. Nothing is available on the market that does not have both a good and a bad side, but the key is to weigh the good against the bad in order to come up with the best of both worlds.

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