Are there special software packages for archiving digital images

You can, of course, create your own directories to archive your image files. However, as the volume of files rapidly expands, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of them.

Imagine that you are looking for a certain photo but the files have not been named clearly. Only by opening the files one after the other do you have a chance of finding the right image.

It would be much simpler if you had software to help you archive and organise your data collection. Such programs can create a catalogue with single or multiple directories. These catalogues show miniature images (or thumbnails) of the originals as well as give directions to where the files are stored. The catalogue files can then be saved on the ^hard drive or to a ^CD-ROM. Nowadays, ^DVDs are also becoming an increasingly viable alternative for image archiving. Using the appropriate software, you can open the image catalogue and quickly look through the thumbnails to find the image.

With ^Olympus Master, Olympus offers a convincing and easy-to-use solution suited to not only the organisation and processing of images but also multimedia files such as sound and movies. This software automatically identifies the camera type, enabling easy file downloading and subsequent retrieval. Furthermore, you can optimise and customise your images by, for example, stitching together individual pictures captured with an Olympus digital camera in panorama mode.

Meanwhile, Olympus Master Plus additionally offers functions for emailing, creating ^HTML photo albums and to back up files plus further editing possibilities. The software provides templates to which your photos can be added to produce attractive calendars or menus, for example. Moreover, printouts can be made utilising a variety of predefined layouts (including contact sheets that also provide detailed image information), slide shows with sound may be produced for viewing on a monitor and the free stitch panorama function allows a number of

individual photos to be combined into one. For professionals and other advanced users, there is the Olympus Studio software. Besides many image editing options, it features a RAW file developing engine and a light box function for comparing shots.

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