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Stock picture agencies are always looking for fresh sources of quality photos. However, this is not a "get rich quick" type of photography. Unless you have a quite unusual and visually different photograph that will sell immediately, you should be prepared to furnish several hundred photographs or slides and possibly wait a year or more for any sales to develop. It is, however, a good source of extra income from photography and should be seriously considered by many individuals.

There are several hundred stock agencies all over the United States and Canada. Most handle color and black-and-white pictures of a wide variety of photographic subjects including people, business, scenic, architecture, and cities, while others specialize in topics such as sports, nature, agriculture, glamour, food, news, or history. Several agencies you might want to contact are:

Comstock 244 Sheffield Street Mountainside, NJ 07092

Getty Images

530 West Twenty-Fifth Street New York, NY 10001 http://cre

PhotoResearchers 60 East Fifty-Sixth Street New York, NY 10022


7660 Centurion Parkway Jacksonville, FL 32256

Digital Camera and Digital Photography

Digital Camera and Digital Photography

Compared to film cameras, digital cameras are easy to use, fun and extremely versatile. Every day there’s more features being designed. Whether you have the cheapest model or a high end model, digital cameras can do an endless number of things. Let’s look at how to get the most out of your digital camera.

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