Federal Government

The majority of the photographers working in the federal government are in the U.S. Air Force, Army, and Navy, as well as in the Departments of Justice, Transportation, Energy, Environmental Protection, Agriculture, Health and Human Services, and Veterans Affairs, and in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Optional photographic fields classified by the U.S. Civil Service Commission include aerial, laboratory, medical, motion picture, scientific and technical, still, television, underwater, and general.

General experience qualifications for federal photographer classifications include experience in operating cameras and related equipment such as still cameras, copy cameras, and 16mm motion picture cameras; carrying out common developing and printing processes and related techniques; or a combination of the two. This general experience must demonstrate increasing ability to exercise artistic ability in selecting, arranging, and lighting the subject; in processing, printing, enlarging, and retouching prints; or both. Advanced photographic training in residence at a technical trade school beyond the high school level or at a recognized college or university can better qualify you for specialized fields, provided that such training is directly related to the optional field for which application is made.

Applicants are invited to mention any awards, prizes, or commendations received for their photographic work and any publication or exhibition of their photographic work. Samples of photographs may be required to establish eligibility for some positions, but only when specifically requested.

Information and application forms for the above Civil Service positions are available at all post offices.

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