The days of mediumformat cameras being used exclusively for fine photography seem to be at an end Fast versatile zoom lenses cameras that operate at burst rates of

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frames-per-second, amazingly accurate autofocus lens performance, and incredible developments in digital imaging technology have led to the 35mm DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) becoming the camera system of choice for today's top professional photographers.

Professional 35mm digital camera systems include a full array of lenses, dedicated TTL flash units, and system accessories. Currently, there are seven companies manufacturing full-fledged DSLR systems: Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Fuji (which uses Nikon autofocus lenses), Pentax, Konica/Minolta, and Sigma (which uses the radically different Foveon X3 image sensor). Each manufacturer has several models within their product line to meet varying price points. Many of the pre-digital lenses available from these same manufacturers for their film cameras also fit the new digital cameras (although often with a corresponding change in focal length). In addition, a number of third-party lens manufacturers also make AF lenses to fit various brands of DSLRs. These include Tokina, Tamron, and Sigma.

Since the advent of the DSLR, manufacturers are investing huge sums into product development and engineering and more advanced, less expensive camera models are appearing every day.

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