Laurel A Ngrist


Benicassim El Festival

Editor(s) Rafael Doctor Roncero, Nacho

Santos Cidras


The Benicassim International Festival is a renowned music festival held in Benicassim, Spain. Six prominent photographers — Carmela Garcia, Cristina Garcia Rodero, Immo Klink, Angel Marcos, Alvaro Villarrubia and Massimo Vitali — capture with their cameras the different beats that pulse through this spectacular annual musical event.

Global Housing Projects

Editor(s) Josep Lluis Mateo, Ramias



A compilation of 25 years of built projects in contemporary housing, this volume explores the social, cultural, and economic phenomena of globalization through housing. Architectural photographs of projects by Charles Correa, Paulo Mendes da Rocha, Jean Nouvel, Alvaro Siza, Rem Koolhaas, Riegler Riewe, Hans Kollhoff, Kazuyo Sejima, MVRDV, Lacaton Vasal, Dietmar Eberle, Herzog & De Meuron, PLOT, and many others.


Invasion 68: Prague Josef Koudelka Softcover

249 duotone reproductions

Forty years after the invasion of Prague by Warsaw Pact tanks, world-renowned Magnum photographer Josef Koudelka's photographs are finally coming together in an impressive monograph. Miraculously smuggled out of the country in the midst of the Soviet-led invasion, the intensity and significance of these pictures earned Koudelka the Robert Capa award. Presented in this volume are 249 of those searing images

— most published here for the first time

— personally selected by Koudelka from his extensive archive.

Nicaragua: June 1978-July 1979 Susan Meiselas Hardcover with jacket 75 four-color reproductions

A major contribution to the literature of concerned photojournalism originally published in 1981, Nicaragua forms an extraordinary narrative of a nation in turmoil. The images trace the evolution of the popular resistance that led to the insurrection, culminating with the Sandinista revolution in 1979. This edition includes Pictures from a Revolution, a DVD in which Meiselas returns to the scenes she originally photographed, tracking down the subjects and interviewing them about post-revolution Nicaragua. Co-published with the international Center of Photography.


Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz Hardcover

40 four-color reproductions

Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz create mesmerizing miniature snowbound environments, then record these scenes in chilly color photographs. The captivating images in Travelers conjure up imaginary worlds and events, all staged by the photographers inside a simple glass globe.

Pitch Blackness Hank Willis Thomas Hardcover

125 four-color reproductions

Examining issues surrounding the commodification of African-American male identity, Pitch Blackness is the first monograph by celebrated emerging artist Hank Willis Thomas, first recipient of the Aperture West Book Prize. The book recounts and interprets the senseless murder of Songha Thomas Willis, the artist's cousin, who was robbed at gunpoint for his gold chain and killed by another young black man outside of a Philadelphia nightclub. Re-imagining the events of the murder, the artist explores black-on-black violence in America, and the ways in which the media industry is complicit in this crisis.

The Transparent City Michael Wolf Hardcover

60 color reproductions

Like so many of the world's great urban centers, Chicago has seen a surge of new construction in recent years and a new layer of architectural experimentation has fused with developments from the past. Photographing the city's central downtown area, Michael Wolf explores the changing landscape of a city renowned for its architecture, focusing on issues of voyeurism and revealing details from modern life as it unfolds within this ever-changing urban environment.


Winckelmann^ Knife



28 color and 11 black-and-white reproductions

inspired by the work of Johann Joachim Winckelmann — the murdered eighteenth-century German archaeologist and art historian known for his neoclassical writings and homoerotic passions — this is a critical volume of photographs of young male athletes who embody the Neoclassical ideals so beloved by Winckelmann.

New York: A Glimpse in the Puddle

Monica Castiglioni


153 color reproductions

Discovering New York City by looking at the ground where we walk, artist Monica Castiglioni examines reflections in puddles after a rainy day, creating original portraits of a city she loves. A Glimpse in the Puddle, her first publication of unique photos of New York City, is a virtual tour spanning past, present, and future.

An Experience of Amusing Chemistry: Photographs 1990-1890 David McDermott & Peter McGough Hardcover

156 reproductions (including 128 in color)

An Experience of Amusing Chemistry shows two decades of photographic work by two of the least conventional and most fanciful protagonists of contemporary art, David McDermott and Peter McGough. Rebelling against the confines of chronological time, the artists appropriate imagery and objects from the late 1800s and early 1900s, reconstructing their lives as the Victorian dandy and flâneur.

Chris Boot

Beaufort West Mikhael Subotzky Hardcover

45 color reproductions

This limited edition first book by South Africa's leading young art photographer, Mikhael Subotzky, portrays the vivid characters and poignant social landscapes of Beaufort West, a small South African town with a prison at its center. With a commentary by the photographer and introduction by top South African writer Jonny Steinberg.

The World From M'y Front Porch

Larry Towell


58 duotone and 350 color reproductions

A personal meditation on land, home and belonging by acclaimed photographer Larry Towell, The World From My Front Porch comprises a photo-essay on the farm at the center of his world, a quirky exploration of its history, and the story of Towell's journeys beyond his front porch into the lives and struggles of people dispossessed by conflict. Published in association with The Archive of Modern Conflict and accompanied by 15,000 words of autobiographical text.

The Disciples James Mollison Hardcover

58 color reproductions

This volume presents James Mollison's stunning panoramic portraits of fans attending pop concerts across Europe and the USA. Featuring fans of Dolly Parton, iggy Pop, Madonna, Marilyn Manson, Bob Dylan, Snoop Dogg and Motorhead, among many others, The Disciples is a surprising, sharp and hilarious take on popular culture. With an introduction by Desmond Morris.


The Waterfall Project Olivo Barbieri Hardcover

112 color reproductions

World-renowned aerial photographer Olivo Barbieri returns with this new photographic project documenting the world's greatest waterfalls. Using a large format camera to manipulate the focus in his pictures, Barbieri captures unusual scenes of these massive and imposing natural spectacles, from Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, to the widely-recognized landmark of Niagara Falls between the US and Canada.

Murano: Behind The Glass Henry Thoreau Hardcover

192 color reproductions

For centuries, master craftsmen from the Venetian archipelago of Murano have defined and perfected the fine art of glass blowing. Exploring the life and colors of this ancient and innovative culture, Henry Thoreau goes behind the scenes in this photographic study to provide us with a rare glimpse into the studios, factories and workshops of these renowned artisans.

Dewi Lewis Publishing

FrenchKiss Anders Petersen Hardcover

87 black-and-white reproductions

FrenchKiss is characteristic Anders Petersen — a tough and gritty portrait of southern France. Petersen is a world-renowned photographer, noted for his intimate and personal documentary-style black-and-white photographs. This book exudes the poetic sadness, restlessness, and sense of urgency that runs through all his work.

Distributed Art Publishers

Unknown Halsman Philippe Halsman Hardcover

111 tritone reproductions

Celebrated photographer Philippe Halsman became well known for his iconic portraits, which appeared on the cover of Life and other major magazines from the 1940s through the '70s. Unknown Halsman reveals overlooked aspects of his oeuvre, featuring previously unpublished images drawn from the distinguished photographer's private and experimental work, contact sheets and family snapshots, and outtakes from famous sittings. Edited by his grandson, Oliver Halsman Rosenberg, the volume includes numerous quotes from the photographer alongside more than 100 fine reproductions of his work.

Duke University Press

Still Moving: Between Cinema and Photography

Editor(s) Karen Beckman and Jean Ma Softcover

57 black-and-white reproductions 8 4/5 x 6"

in Still Moving, noted artists, filmmakers, art historians, and film scholars explore the boundary between cinema and photography, addressing the ways in which these two artistic mediums have developed and defined themselves in contrast to one another. The volume takes an interdisciplinary approach, suggesting that art historians and film scholars must rethink their disciplinary boundaries. With contributions by Zoe Beloff, Timothy Corrigan, Nancy Davenport, and many others.

Errant Modernism: The Ethos of

Photography in Mexico and Brazil

Esther Gabara

Softcover and Hardcover

67 black-and-white and 7 color reproductions

in Errant Modernism, Esther Gabara rethinks the role of photography in the Brazilian and Mexican avant-garde movements of the 1920s and 1930s, making a vital contribution to the contemporary understanding of Latin American Modernism.

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