Working Spaces

Here is where you define your default working spaces for the various color modes (RGB, CMYK, Grayscale, and Spot Color). The RGB working space is the most important one for photographers.* The CMYK working space is only relevant for converting RGB images to CMYK. The profile selected here is used as the destination color space. If your print shop doesn't advise you otherwise, U.S. Web-Coated (SWOP) v2 is the best CYMK option to use.

Figure 3-24:

The Photoshop CS5 Color Settings dialog

* We use either Adobe RGB (1998) or ProPhoto RGB.

Note: We ignore the settings for CMYK and Gray here, as we only cover RGB color setup in our workflow. If you live in Europe, your CMYK setting should be Euroscale Coated v2 (ECI). If you are preparing images for pre-press use, select eciRGB v2 as your default RGB color space, making your settings look like those in figure 3-25.

Photoshop's default value is Dot Gain 20, which is usually appropriate for working with grayscale images. If your print shop gives you different values, use them. The same is true for the spot color setting.

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Working Spaces

Figure 3-25: Recommended working spaces for European pre-press work

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