Using the Patch Tool

The Patch Tool O is based on the same algorithms as the Healing Brush an. It is also useful for removing unwanted specks and for transferring groups of pixels to other parts of an image. In our next example, we will use the Patch tool to remove the same dust spot we retouched in our last example:

Figure 4-63: Using the Healing Brush

1. Select the area to be retouched (figure 4-65). This works very much like the Lasso tool.

2. Drag the selected area to the area whose structure you want to use

The result shown in figure 4-67 is very similar to the one we achieved

, TT Figure 4-66: Selecting the repair pixels using the Healing Brush, but this time we were able to select a freeform area for the repair. Sometimes, you will need to use the Healing Brush to make the finishing touches to a repair made with the Patch tool.

Over time, you will develop a feel for which of the retouching tools is better and more efficient for dealing with various types of situations. We use all of these tools in the course of our workflow.

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