The Magic Wand

The Magic Wand is another useful selection tool. Here, all pixels of a similar color that are near the cursor are selected when the wand is clicked. The degree of similarity between the selected pixels is determined by the Tolerance parameter in the options bar. The higher the Tolerance value, the more the color of the selected pixels can vary from that of the pixel you have clicked.

It's usually better to work with a low tolerance value and to expand your selection by making multiple small selections while keeping the shift key pressed. This way, you can accurately select all similarly colored areas. If you deactivate the Contiguous option, all areas of similar color in the entire image are selected. You can reset your selection using |ctrl|-|~Dl if you need to start again using a different Tolerance value.

We will address the Sample All Layers option in section 7.2, page 249, as it only applies to corrections based on multiple image layers.

Figure 4-53: Tolerance-based Magic Wand selection

P Ami-alias MContiguous !_! Sample All Layers | ( Refine Edge... J

Figure 4-53: Tolerance-based Magic Wand selection

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