The Art of Sharpening

> Zoom in to a 100% view (i.e., each monitor pixel represents one image pixel) while sharpening. If the tool you are using has a 100% preview window (like the Photoshop USM filter), zoom the normal preview window to exactly 50%. This way, you can see the 100% view in the tool interface while the normal preview shows (approximately) how your image will look when printed.

Nearly all digital photos must be artificially sharpened due to the effects of the anti-aliasing filter used in most DSLRs (as explained on page 6).

Skillful sharpening is an art form of its own and requires a lot of experience to be performed successfully. Interpreting the results of sharpening is also very subjective. This is why the many sharpening tools and techniques available are constantly being improved.

Sharpening is slightly self-contradictory, as it simultaneously improves the overall look of an image while destroying some fine detail. Allow for the distance your finished image will be viewed from when sharpening -the greater the distance, the more you can sharpen, as fine detail won't be visible anyway.

100 Photography Tips

100 Photography Tips

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