Speed Up Your Workflow with Photoshop Actions

As you gain experience with your own workflow, you will find that there are certain sequences of Photoshop steps that you perform time and time again. In order to automate repeated tasks, Photoshop includes the Actions panel that allows you to record and save sequences of steps.

You can save multiple actions in sets that cover certain aspects of your work (you could, for example, have a set called frames, for your picture frame actions). The Actions panel in figure 4-72 shows the open action set JG_Actions with the Octave-Sharpening action selected.

An action consists of multiple Photoshop steps (such as making a selection or creating a layer), which are recorded using the buttons at the bottom of the Actions panel. The Actions panel can be found under Windows Actions, j # ► _i El S

These buttons have the following functions:

_| Stops recording. You can restart recording by clicking the ® button. Recorded actions can be loaded, run, and changed at any time, and can be deleted by dragging them to the Trash icon.

o Starts recording. The button changes to red during recording: J-.

["• Plays the selected action. The individual steps in the action are then performed in the order they were recorded.

—i Creates a new action set. Actions can only be saved to sets before you start recording. Action files have a ".atn" file extension. You have to explicitly save each set once it has been created or changed (page 132).

R Creates a new action (as part of an action set) and starts recording (and saving) steps immediately.

3 Deletes the selected action or the selected step within an action.

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