Selection Using a Color Range

We often use the Eyedropper £ tool under Selects Color Range to sample a color in the original image, and the Fuzziness slider to determine the degree of color precision.

We then use the Eyedropper £ to add or & to subtract additional selections. We will explain Localized Color Clusters (only available since CS4) in section 7.4.1, page 256.

The dialog previews the selected area in the form of a grayscale mask preview. The Selection Preview drop-down menu offers various ways to preview your selection in the original image. We use either None (no marking in the original) or Quick Mask, which marks the selection with the active mask color. The default color is a strong pink tone, but this can be changed in the Photoshop Preferences dialog.

Figure 4-54: Making a selection using a color range.
Figure 4-55: Here, we made our selection using the Color Range tool.

Figure 4-56: The Feather option was introduced into the options bar in Photoshop CS4.

If you save your selection in an alpha channel and want to retain it for future use, you must use a file format that supports Alpha Channels (see table 4-1, page 98).

Here too, you can save your parameter settings and re-use them on other images later.

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