Screen Modes

The (f] key toggles between the three main screen display modes:

► Standard mode: Photoshop displays all available tool bars, menus and image windows.

► Full screen mode with menu bar: Photoshop uses the entire monitor to display just the active image and the menu bar.

A typical Photoshop title bar



Figure 4-2: Navigator panel in Photoshop

Figure 4-2: Navigator panel in Photoshop

► Full screen mode: This mode displays just the active image without any

You can switch to Full Screen mode using additional menus.

View r ScreenMode r Full Screen Mode.

Some panels can still cover parts of the active image in full screen mode, but you can toggle these on and off using the | Tab| key.

A second monitor is very useful if you plan to work regularly with Photoshop (or other DTP tools). This way, you can use your main (usually larger) monitor to view the active image and your second monitor to display the tool panels and program windows you use most frequently.

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