Saving Your Image Files Safely

It is quite possible for your hard disk to fail or catch a virus after you have transferred your images to it and reformatted your memory card. In this scenario, if you haven't already backed up your images, you will lose them forever. The chance of losing a main copy and an external backup copy of your data is extremely small, and we always create an automatically synchronized backup copy of our images on an external hard drive immediately after downloading.

Some downloaders have built-in functionality for making backups, and saving to an external disk offers additional security. Dedicated digital asset management (DAM) software usually has built-in backup functionality.

We only format our memory cards in the camera once we have made a backup copy of our image data. Formatting ensures that the card's memory modules remain clean and efficient and avoids file system fragmentation. Formatting in the camera also ensures that the file system created is suited to the camera you are using.


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