Saving and Loading Selections

Making a complex, optimized selection can take time. It is possible that you will want to use the same selection in the future, e.g., to test a different effect on the same image area. In our example, first we wanted to reduce noise, then brighten the sky and make corrections to the rock formation (the inverted selection).

Photoshop allows you to save selections (use Select rSave Selection) as part of the image data in a so-called Alpha Channel. This is usable in all future Photoshop sessions, provided your file format supports channels (e.g., TIFF or PSD; see table 4-1 on page 98). You can also save your selection in a separate file.

Figure 4-59: Give your selection a meaningful name when you save it.

Channel ' Sky

Saved selections are basically grayscale masks and are thus available in the Channels panel. You can also load the selection via Select r Load Selection and apply it or invert it. You can use the Channel dropdown menu in the Load Selection dialog (figure 4-60 @) to specify how your selection should be combined with existing selections or channels.

You can also load a selection using Window r Channels. Select the desired channel and click on the O icon at the bottom of the Channels panel to activate your selection.

By default, Photoshop embeds the selection in the active image, but can also save it as a separate file, which avoids having to open other (possibly large) image files in order to access a saved selection.

Load Selection

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Q Invert

Operation -© New Selection

Add to Selection O Subtract from Selection Intersect with Selection

Figure 4-60: Loading a saved selection

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