Saving and Loading Action Sets

> Avoid using "Clear All Actions" as this does exactly what it says!

Action sets are only useful if you save them for later use. You can do this via the arrow icon at top right in the Actions panel It is best to name the file the same as your action set. The resulting file will have a ".atn" file extension and will be saved by default to the .../Photoshop/Presets/Actions folder. You can save them to other locations too.

Saved actions and action sets can be used later on any computer. There is a wide range of free and commercial action sets available on the Internet (and on our web page).

Load actions using: ► Load Actions. This is also where the Save Actions command is located.

Since you will surely adjust and perfect your actions over time, it is often useful to save older versions separately under their own names, e.g., Uwe's Sharpening V1.2.

Figure 4-77: Our extended action

Figure 4-77: Our extended action

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