Saving and Discarding Changes

* If there are multiple images displayed in We have now finished making adjustments, so we close ACR using the Save the filmstrip, the button text changes to Image, Open Image, Cancel, or Done buttons.* These buttons have the fol-

Figure 5-49: ACR's four basic action buttons

Save Image... • Starts background conversion of the selected image(s), allowing you to continue to work on other images. The images are saved using settings you make in the dialog shown in figure 5-50. Clicking this button does not close ACR.

Stop! Make sure you have selected the appropriate color space, color depth, and resolution settings before saving your images (see Workflow Options, page 158). Only then should you click

Save Images and Open Images. lowing effects:

Save Images and Open Images. lowing effects:

Figure 5-50: Defining the output format, the filenames, and the location of converted files

Save Image and make the settings shown in figure 5-50 before clicking Save to start the actual conversion process.

Done • Confirms all adjustments (including image deletions) and saves them to the ACR database or your files' XMP sidecar files (section 1.9, page 30). When you click Done, images are not converted to other formats.

Open Image • Functions the same as the Done button but converts your images and automatically opens them in Photoshop. Pressing the Q key while pressing the button converts it into the Open Object button - this then automatically opens the selected image as a Smart Object. (See section 7.12, page 274 for more details on Smart Objects).

Cancel • Discards all adjustments you have made. If you press the ® key, Cancel will switch to Reset, allowing you to undo all your adjustments without closing ACR.

lds2_5001_003S.CR2 Jan 10, 2009 7:48 PM 16.2 MB Canon Camera Raw file ldsZ_5001_0039.CR2 Jan 10, 2009 7:48 PM 16.9 MB Canon Camera Raw file

1 d s 2 _5 0 01_0040. CR2 Jan 10, 2009 7:48 PM 15.1MB Canon Camera Raw file

You can now continue to optimize your images either individually or as a batch using Photoshop.

Pressing the key switches the Open Image button to Open Copy and Save Image (with its options dialog) to a version of Save Image that converts your image(s) without making any further settings. The key also switches the Cancel button to Reset - this resets all adjustment tools to their default values.

Figure 5-51:

A folder showing RAW images and their accompanying XMP files

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