Retouching and Repairing Images

Most digital images contain dust, dirt, unwanted reflections, or other annoyances. Photoshop has a range of tools for getting rid of imperfections. The most useful of these are the Clone Stamp tool the Healing Brush y , the Spot Healing Brush V1, the Patch Tool O, and the Red Eye Tool 1 ® for eliminating red-eye effects in flash photos.

The functionalities y, Of, and O overlap somewhat and you will have to develop a feel for which tool is best to use in which situation.

The Clone Stamp ^ copies all texture and color data from the selected area to the target area. The most important parameter here (apart from brush size and edge sharpness) is opacity. You should select an area as close as possible to the imperfection you want to remove in order to keep the color and the texture as similar as possible. You can use the stamp either to

* Photoshop then covers up the whole area between the beginning and end click points.

retouch single points or stripes in an image. To repair a stripe, use an À/0-click to select your source pixels. Then click on the start of the area you want to cover, paint in the pixels while holding the mouse button down and shift-click to end the operation.*

Figure 4-61 : Spot caused by dust on the sensor.
Figure 4-62: Selecting the source pixels for retouching
Figure 4-64: The corrected image area
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